A top-secret DED report was recently intercepted which not only warns of a grave new potential threat to all of New Eden, but also gives clues as to the origin of the recent appearance of unstable wormholes throughout known space.

Despite denials from all official sources, evidence has been found of the destruction of a secret CONCORD scientific outpost assigned to monitor the supposedly defunct New Eden gate. The event took place almost exactly a year ago. A partial transcript of their final transmission went as follows;

“…definitely higher levels of activity…opening now…something inside…can hear a voice…ringing sound…like b…[transmission ends]”

Information retrieved from the outpost wreckage was inconclusive, but records do suggest a possible power surge coming from the vicinity of the EVE-gate. Analysis of the data by experts seems to indicate that a single object, unlikely to be larger than a drone, may have been briefly detected.

Some five-hundred souls were lost in the disaster, many of them families, but no bodies were recovered.

Subsequent DED investigations have drawn links to the appearance of wormholes, but official sources have denied speculation that intelligent forces are at work. Despite the denials, DED are believed to have evidence of electromagnetic activity similar to that detected at the EVE-gate occurring immediately prior to the appearance of each wormhole. DED have refused to confirm this.

However, this correspondent can exclusively reveal that DED forces have recently been put on high alert amid concerns that a co-ordinated galaxy-wide offensive by forces unknown may be imminent.

An excerpt from a high-level DED communication follows;




Data yielded from investigations following the EVE-Gate Monitoring Station incident and subsequent related incidents have revealed what are considered to be intelligent acts of strategic importance by a faction never before encountered.

The seemingly random appearance of unstable wormholes in the last year is suspected by our leading scientists to in fact be this faction’s primary means of transport and communication. Transmissions intercepted during the opening of key wormholes near populated systems suggest that the faction is preparing for some kind of military operation within the next few days.

Decrypted communications suggest the faction is supported by a significant industrial infrastructure with the ability to manufacture and transport vast quantities in a small amount of time. Although data is still being correlated and the current understanding is likely to be incorrect, it appears they only have one transport class vessel with which they intend to deploy unknown technologies in all populated regions of space in a very short timeframe. This is clearly impossible with current known technologies, therefore as the intent and capabilities of this new faction are unknown, ALL PERSONNEL ARE TO BE ON HIGH ALERT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

We have reason to believe that the new threat is a nation of unknown origin lead by an entity known as ‘Santa’. Therefore Santa’s Nation information will henceforth be available on the DED database to all staff with appropriate clearance.


Our sources also provided the following information from the DED database:


>DED Database Link Established…
…Enter Query> Santa’s Nation
…Enter Password> *********

Faction: Santa’s Nation
Member Races: Elves (unconfirmed), Santas (unconfirmed)
Settled Systems: Unknown
Stations: Unknown
Controlled Territory: unknown
Description: Originating from a civilisation theorised to exist beyond the EVE gate, Santa’s Nation was founded by Santa for purposes shrouded in antiquity. Although not confirmed to be human, Santa himself is believed to be humanoid in appearance and is the inventor of technology empowering him and his minions to transcend the normal restrictions of time and space. Santa’s Nation are adept at wormhole manipulation, allowing the minions of Santa unprecedented access to all areas of space. The minions of Santa refer to themselves as elves and act as heralds and messengers as well as providing the industrial backbone to Santa’s enterprise.
No direct contact has been made with Santa’s Nation despite increasing activity. As such, no diplomatic channels are available to establish political affiliation or intent. Military capability is also an unknown factor therefore…[connection terminated]


Our sources will continue to pursue further DED data for the benefit of all capsuleers.


Anonymous · 31/12/2009 at 05:50

Hahahahaha! Awesome work.

Xeross · 22/02/2010 at 13:56

The end took an unexpected turn, at the beginning I thought you actually based this of off existing lore 🙂

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