How unhealthy is playing EvE?

The reason I ask is I think EvE may be affecting my brain in subtle ways. It seems to be leaking into my life in ways I should perhaps be a little concerned about. For example;

Whilst taking a short break from EvE just a few minutes ago, I walked past my fish tank and noticed one of the larger fish surrounded by several smaller fish. Without pause, I thought “why has he deployed his drones”?

On another occasion, recently I was driving along a busy motorway trying to classify all the vehicles in EvE terms. If an articulated lorry is an industrial and your average family car is a frigate, are motorcycles shuttles? What constitutes a Tech II frigate? Clearly a Bugatti Veyron is (not that I saw one on the motorway), but what about a Subaru Impreza? And does a Ford Escort with a body-kit and a twin-choke carburettor count as a noob ship with tech II fittings?

In conversations with my wife when we’ve discussed baby names (hypothetically – before anyone that knows us in reality starts getting ideas), one of the stronger girl’s names is Eve. The wife likes it and so do I, but I’m not sure if that’s because of the online game of the same name. Even if it was, does that matter? It’s a nice name. Besides, I have a corpmate who named his second son after a Caldari Battlecruiser.