Hardly breaking news, but CrazyKinux‘s Blog Pack has just absorbed lots of new blogs, including this one. Now it’s more of a Blog Mob, but in a good way rather than pitchforks-and-torches kind of way or even an organised crime kind of way. Although now I think about it, I have heard CrazyKinux referred to as the Blogfather, so perhaps I should watch what I say.

Given my recent return from a holiday abroad, I felt that I ought to read all outstanding posts (mostly using Capsuleer for convenience), however the increase in membership has understandably boosted the volume of reading material and I’m struggling to keep up. I’ve whittled 150+ blog posts down to 73, but I haven’t refreshed for a couple of days. I almost daren’t.

I’ve been trying to get acquainted with all of the new blogs, attempting to get a sense of what each one is about. However it’s difficult to get a balanced view based only on those posts that have been written since the Blog Pack update. What I really want to do is delve into each blog’s back catalogue to get a broader sense of the content.

I noticed a few new members have helpfully posted a (re-)introduction to their blogs, which led me to an idea: How about a bit of shameless self-publicising and indulgent reminiscing with every blog pack member posting a brief description of what they have blogged about/intend to blog about and links to their best three examples from their own archives. A showcase if you will.

It’d certainly be a great introduction for new readers and would give us all the opportunity to catch up on the best articles written before the Blog Pack evolution. Perhaps CK might even consider presenting it as a Blog Banter concept.

Although if everyone does do that, it’s not going to help my unread blog count. But at least now I’m a Made Man.

You bloggin’ at me?