I’ve been back from holiday for over twenty-four hours and thus far I’ve managed to resist logging into EVE. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I’ve decided to use my EVE-time as more of a reward after finishing more mundane duties, rather than my excuse for not doing them. Plus I’ve got a fair bit of real-life admin to catch up on.

Despite this, I have to say my curiosity to investigate the state of all things EVE is steadily building. I’ve been suffering from an almost complete media blackout (a friend brought a couple of copies of E-ON with him) as foolishly, despite being abroad I thought I might be able to keep tentative contact with New Eden and it’s denizens through surreptitious use of my iPhone. But “data-roaming” in foreign climes can cost up to £3 ($4.54) per minute, so I couldn’t do any internet browsing, use my twitter app or check the headlines on Capsuleer.

EVE-related events immediately prior to my departure were very interesting. Being the CEO of a neutral corporation in low-sec CVA militia space, my final nervous few hours before leaving were spent packing up our POS due to reports of Against All Authorities and Ushra’khan incursions into low-sec destroying easy POS targets (a low-sec POS six jumps away was getting hammered at the time I recall). They were also mustering a frighteningly large super-capital fleet only two jumps away right on our usual POS supply line. Word had spread that they were building for renewed assaults against the CVA and this certainly seemed to evidence this. I would’ve loved to have stuck around to see what happened, but there was little sense in leaving a poorly defended POS for them to chew through in our absence (both other active corp members were on the same holiday).

It’s all old news to you, I’m sure, but I’ve not got a clue what I’ll log in to find. Will I find my home system crawling with unfriendlies? Will a successful militia defense have been organised? Will -A-, U’K and their allies have concentrated exclusively on null-sec and things will be relatively normal?

Also, the CrazyKinux Blogpack/Capsuleer Headlines furore was in full swing and the community was awaiting a resolution. One of the first things I did when arriving back on home soil was fire up Capsuleer and download the week’s headlines. All 150 of them! I’ll get around to reading them all soon and hopefully I’ll be a little more up to speed on current EVE affairs.

Then maybe I’ll let myself log in.