As much as I have claimed to be a “low-sec dweller” for some time now, the truth was I had really been a denizen of high security space with frequent day-visits to the low security region of Derelik. I suppose the truth distortion was due to the knowledge that I really should stop moping around doing high-sec missions and just take the plunge, but I’d always convince myself I just needed to learn skill ‘x’/have ‘y’ amount of isk/be flying ‘z’ ship.

Well finally I can look you in the eye and say “I’m a low-sec dweller”. I’ve even got some attribute-boosting implants on one of my low-sec clones. I still pop back to Empire space to mission if cash reserves look like they’re running low or to get a good deal at one of the major trade hubs, but ultimately I hope to establish a low-sec revenue stream to minimise the need for that.

It turns out, those reasons I kept giving myself that were stopping my progress into low-sec never really existed. The truth was that I needed to feel a degree of security before moving my assets out there, and that security has been provided by membership of an alliance. Whenever possible, I’ve tried to involve myself in alliance affairs, hopping in on a fleet bound for Providence or scrambling to assist an alliance-mate under attack.

Rather than just being a visitor to the area, I now feel at home. After a while behavioural patterns become apparent. Pilot names, both allied and enemy, appear regularly in local and the natural ebb and flow of the local traffic becomes measurable. The most likely areas for gatecamps soon become clear and are thus more easily avoided. High-sec is starting to seem like a grey, sanitised and event-free no-fun zone.

High-sec. Why would anyone even want to live there? It’s boring.