Having recently centralised and streamlined my hangar contents, I thought I might belatedly respond to Evoganda’s ‘What’s In Your Hangar’ meme.

Although I don’t really have a strict naming convention for my ships, I always prefix them with SSS, as in Seismic Stan’s Ship. well if it’s good enough for Her Majesty and the United States…

SSS Wabbit (Buzzard): So named ‘cos it’s got big bunny ears and it amuses me that it’ll tempt other pilots to quote Elmer Fudd.

SSS Iron Grieve II (Drake): I fitted and named the Iron Grieve for a corpmate and I liked the name. A grieve is a plate of medieval armour which I think the Drake resembles.

SSS Blackrun (Tengu): Purchased after a skiing holiday and named after the toughest slopes.

SSS Zhuk (Raven): TREAD Alliance approved fleet fit as recommended by President Ivan Zhuk.

SSS Elemental Flame (Kestrel): Tech II fitted and renamed after the U’K Stabber pilot that was it’s first victim.

SSS Dropsy (Manticore): Cos it drops bombs.I’m not sure why I chose a fish-related diesease though.

SSS Mr. Ee (Retriever): Mr. Ee was the BBC Micro version of the arcade classic Mr. Do and it was all about digging. If ever I got into mining (which I won’t) I would use my expert knowledge of ancient digging games to name all my ships; Repton, Dig-dug, Boulderdash. I could do this all day.

This is by no means a complete list, but as it was originally uploaded from an iPhone app which limited me to 1000 characters, I feel I’ve already cheated by adding a bit more, so we’ll leave it at that.

Posted by ShoZu