Greenbeard, the egocentric narcissist that founded Greenbeard’s Freebooters, has returned to the spacelanes of New Eden after several months of apparent cabbage-worrying. The first thing he did was challenge yours truly for the CEOship of our corporation. So the gauntlet has been cast down and picked up.

We’ve agreed to a rather complicated but entertaining duel system. We’ll each pre-fit three frigates and two cruisers, all tech I (meta I modules only). Firstly, we’ll fight with the frigates, progressing onto the cruisers only when all frigates have been destroyed. When a ship is destroyed, it’s pilot must return as quickly as possible in his next ship choice whilst the winner has to remain on the field with whatever damage he has sustained.

This creates some interesting strategic considerations when planning your ‘ship stable’. How do you load out your ships to play to your strengths, exploit your opponent’s weaknesses and still have the versatility to spring some surprises? All this whilst attempting to predict the composition of your oppoenent’s squad and match your ship loadouts to counter his.

We still need to agree on some of the finer points like warp-in distances, combat initiation and the like, so any suggestions from the PvP community would be welcome. In any case, the duel is pencilled in for Wednesday and then the battle for control of the Freebooters will commence.

May the best Minmatar win.

Posted by ShoZu