Following news that CCP are re-introducing live events into New Eden, they also tantalisingly hint in this developers blog that they will involve “interactive storylines”, the first of which has already begun “in-game across all sectors of space and through other out-of-game mediums” and involves “one of New Eden’s oldest and most insidious threats”.

It is interesting to note that the screenshot associated with this announcement seems to show a wormhole directly above a planet. The first cryptic clues to the mystery can be found in files on this EVE-Files page.

Those files are “leaked” CONCORD documents which detail Project Ishaeka, which is concerned with investigating recent unusual Sansha’s Nation activity and communications. As well as listing potential sites of interest in the Stain and Pure Blind regions there is suggesting Sansha’s Nation’s increased interests in wormhole space.

Some key points from those files are as follows;

Report ID:Ishaeka-0001

States it’s subject to be “Report on increased Sansha’s Nation communications throughout Gallente Quarter, Stain Region” and makes mention of “Operation Ishaeka, Planetary Reconnaissance and Communication Interception”.

It makes mention of the following planets in Stain, Gallente Quarter, V-H3VO Constellation as having been investigated;


And the following systems to be pending investigation;


Control HQ is in U2-BJ2.

Subsequent information details communications activity on and around planets at those various sites.

Report ID:Ishaeka-0015

Mentions an ISD article about a mysterious attack on a Ducia Foundry Team and an apparently related Sansha’s Nation fleet of 20 Nightmare-class battleships emerging from a wormhole in X-7OMU and dispersing in multiple directions. The wormhole, now collapsed, was a V911, origin J235456.

Report ID:Ishaeka-0016

References “an abducted Ducia Foundary crew” and mentions “examples of clone-jackings carried out in New Eden”.

It goes on to describe the Sleeper culture as “…likely an ‘upload’ society. Facing a possible demographic catastrophe due to widespread plague, the Sleeper Empire evacuated the physical realm by means of vast data networks to contain their intelligences in a sea of virtual reality.”

[Is reference to plague suggestive of Jovian plague? Is there a relationship between Jovian technology and Sleeper technology?]

It goes on to state “Now, it seems likely that these bodies, abducted by their Guardians, might be somewhow used to reenter the physical world, giving their consciousnesses a vessel to integrate with our world once more.”

[Are Sansha’s Nation bodysnatching for the Sleepers?]

Report ID:Ishaeka-0017

Makes further mention of “…third party factions at work inside w-space, besides the Sleepers or the Capsuleers.”

In reference to Sansha’s Nation activities in wormhole space, “It might even be possible that this faction is in some way communicating with the Sleepers.”.

[Sansha’s Nation are part machine, so I suppose they’re more likely to have compatible USB ports.]

It also states there will be “No new coverage. Media Block in effect. Media Block with ISD negotiated.”

[So does this mean we can’t trust ISD reports any more? Will there be possible misinformation in the future?]

Report ID:Ishaeka-0018

Discusses a “Confirmed direct leak of classified material to Intergalactic Summit” and the relationship between the Sansha’s Nation null-sec activity and their subsequent invasion of the Fram system in Heimatar.

The document also reinterates the “Media Block in effect”.


Bearing in mind the Evelopedia description of Sansha’s Nation describes them as “melded man and machine to create unquestioning cybernetic slaves”, they would be the perfect conduits for Sleeper AI to ‘evolve’ into New Eden, creating a hybrid super-race.

So, Sansha’s Nation getting a Sleeper upgrade? Fear the PvE.