Following CCP’s recent removal of a member of the Council of Stellar Management, there has been an outpouring of vitriol and negativity from many amongst the vocal player-base. I’m not surprised, I doubt there’s an MMO in the world that doesn’t have forums full of naysayers and boo-boys. But I am disappointed that much of the disparaging commentary has been directed at the CSM/CCP relationship.

I find it hugely encouraging that the game that we are all investing in is designed and maintained by a company with enough nous and breadth of mind to attempt to foster a more meaningful and productive relationship with it’s customer base. Furthermore, those individuals – past and present – whom we elected to represent us and who are giving up their time to be part of the process should be thanked and applauded, not attacked and insulted.

I appreciate that in amongst the baying from the pitchforks-and-torches brigade there are valid points and concerns and I do not doubt that the CSM system has it’s flaws, but far better that we have that process, knowing that we have a voice that can be heard – and occasionally listened to – than, like many other MMOs, just having endless forums full of frustrated, impotent rage. We should be grateful that we have the opportunity to have any kind of meaningful dialogue. The CSM/CCP relationship can’t make EVE worse, but there’s always the possibility that it will effect positive changes.

I suppose it is a healthy sign that so many are passionate enough about the game that we all share that they take the time to air their views. I just wish some of it was a little more constructive.