Capsuleer is shutting down. It shouldn’t.

I don’t know about you, but for the last year my EVE experience has been greatly enhanced by the Capsuleer iPhone app. Through it’s slick interface it has allowed me to pontificate and plan my character skills and it’s Headlines function has provided me with a great reading source for long journeys (and other ‘sitting-down’ activities) and a way of keeping up-to-date with all things New Eden.

More importantly, Capsuleer was my gateway to the wider EVE community. Without it, I would not have become aware of the vast blogging community that it revealed to me. Through the discovery of the myriad of articles and discussions that Capsuleer linked me to, I learned and discovered many other great applications and websites that have become key to my EVE experience. I have no doubt that Capsuleer was the seed, the catalyst and the path to the many other wonders of the EVE community.

I am not sure exactly what, if anything, can save Capsuleer now.

But I feel I owe a debt to try. I may not have discovered the Blog Pack, nor been inspired to start this blog were it not for Capsuleer. I was subsequently fortunate enough to be invited to join the Blog Pack and I have been grateful for the exposure that Capsuleer has provided as a result.

I do not claim to understand the reasons behind the announced closure of Capsuleer. The official statement can be read here. It is not my place to try to second guess motives, nor is it important. What is important is the impact that Capsuleer’s end will have on the EVE community.

Perhaps it is too little, too late, but I would like to express my immense gratitude to PyjamaSam and Roc Weiler for providing such a great tool. Although your statement does have a ring of finality to it, I hope that the community reaction might give you cause to reconsider.

Nashh Kadavr has started a petition to save Capsuleer, please take the time to go HERE and sign it.