The Singularity test server has recently been updated with the basics of the new avatar editor. Although currently unfinished it certainly looks like it has the potential to be quite powerful and the results are absolutely stunning.

I failed at several attempts at replicating Seismic Stan to my satisfaction, largely due to the lack of suitable hair options for the Brutor male. I found it both fascinating and disturbing that the character looks around and blinks whilst you’re customising them.

Seismic version two?

As you can see, he looks very little like the fellow on the right of the header at the top of the page. However, there are many features still to be introduced and a lot of the character details had WIP (work in progress) clearly stamped on them.

Instead, I thought I’d experiment with different racial archetypes. I’ll hand you over to our drooling compere for further details.


Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to Miss New Eden 112, brought to you by our sponsors; F&G Customisations and Sansha’s Salads.

First up is Miss Caldari. She’s of Achuran decent and like most Caldari, was more interested in getting back to her work than for posing for us. She isn’t a great fan of makeup and steadfastly refused to do anything fancy with her hair. She hopes to qualify as an engineer in the Caldari Navy and is currently studying when she’s not working as a mechanic’s apprentice.

Miss Caldari (Achuran)

Our second beauty hails from Amarr. She went to great lengths to ensure we were aware of her unbroken and pure Amarrian lineage before insisting that only her own slaves be allowed to touch her hair. Her ambitions are to promote God’s word and to do good deeds in his name (or at least get her slaves to do good deeds on her behalf).

Miss Amarr (Amarr)

Miss Minmatar is our next entrant. She’s a proud Brutor and when she’s not working as a news-reader for her local radio station, she trains animals. She has a great love of culture and hopes one day to see all slavery abolished in Amarr. Her favourite colour is purple.

Miss Minmatar (Brutor)

Our final competitor is Miss Gallente. She’s of Jin-Mei decent but lives on Caille where she helps to run her father’s boutique business. She enjoys partying and “having a good time” but would like to be a movie star and a singer/songwriter. She refuses to wear trousers, stating “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”.

Miss Gallente (Jin-Mei)

Please send in your votes, although all of our ladies are lovely, there can only be one winner.