If you a reading this via Capsuleer on your iPhone, then this article is for you. Please read on.

As you’re probably aware, the developers of Capsuleer will be shutting down their servers on 17th October, meaning that the headline pages will no longer be updated. I’m sure I speak for every writer in the Blog Pack when I say that we value your readership and we hope that you’ll stick with us by other means. Some readers may already have other ways of accessing their favourite EVE blogs, but if Capsuleer was your only point of contact, don’t worry. There is another way.

I’ve been researching iPhone alternatives based on the principle that you’ll be wanting a replacement service that is as similar as possible to Capsuleer’s Headlines function. So it needs to be free, convenient and simple. The hard truth is that it’s not going to be as quite simple as Capsuleer to set up and there will be a bit of effort required on your part. However your efforts will be rewarded, because with just a smidge of admin work you could revolutionise your EVE reading habits forever.

The benefit of being released from the gentle restraints of Capsuleer’s Headlines means that we are free to discover the myriad of other EVE blogs that are out there. The Blog Pack barely scratches the surface and I’m personally looking forward to exploring the 500+ other EVE blogs that I can now easily access from my iPhone.

Step 1 – Google Reader

Before you rush off to the app store, there is one unavoidable bit of maintenance that is needed. It seems that having a Google account is a requirement for pretty much every iPhone blog-reading app, as they all rely on Google Reader to manage your blog subscriptions (RSS Runner does allow for direct ‘OPML’ inputs, but it was really unintuitive and I found managing my blog-feeds via Google Reader to be much less frustrating).

If you haven’t already got a Google account, it’s totally painless and takes only seconds to register. Go here to set up an account now.

Step 2 – Manage Your Subscriptions

Once you’re logged into your Google Reader account, you’ll want to add some subscriptions. If you just want to stick with Crazy Kinux’s Blog Pack, click here, however you can add the whole kit-and-caboodle of currently (October 2010) active EVE blogs, courtesy of Keith Neilson, by clicking here. CCP News and forum feeds can be added by clicking here.

I’m sure some enterprising individual will enjoy bundling them into themed packs to make them more manageable, but that is beyond the remit of this post. I’m sure there’s a way to organise them through either Google Reader or your chosen iPhone app. I’m just opening the door; it is you, gentle reader, that must step through it.

Step 3 – Download an Appropriate App.

There are a number of free apps that I’ve looked at and although I have yet to determine the pros and cons of each, you could try FeeddlerRSS, MobileRSS, NetNewsWire and RSS Runner. They all provide similar functions and I suspect the difference will be down to personal taste. Your chosen iPhone RSS reader will have a function allowing you to access your Google account, where it will automatically use your Google Reader subscription data to download all those delicious blogs to your iPhone.

That’s it. Welcome to your new, fully customisable EVE Online Headlines app.

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