When I saw the first of these screenshots on the EVE-O forums, I got very excited by the possibility of customisable ships. It seemed like a logical progression from character customisation given the advanced nature of the new technology. A comment in the latest Devblog seemed to support this;

“Then I needed a picking mechanism, something to allow me to click the face, and have it react. It turns out that Eve ships can tell me where they’ve been clicked, with UV coordinates. That’s very handy, since they’re in the same rendering framework and the method could easily be “borrowed”.” – CCP Ph00ze

The forum scuttlebutt seemed to suggest that this would be part of the promised ‘surprise’ that would be included in the Incursion expansion. There were cries of controversy when ‘Plex Credit’ was spotted in the lower left of the following image, but this seemed to add to the credibility of the images being leaked from an official source.

However an official response from a CCP representative was soon forthcoming as CCP Atropos broke ranks to point out apparent technical errors in the first image;

“I’ll give it a 4/10. Things that jump out at me are: font, bevelling, fourth image weirdness, engine trail (it would be a point light not a 128×128 texture). Also, because I know what the surprise is!” – CCP Atropos

Alas, if there was any doubt that this was anything more than a hoax by a very talented artist, it was put to bed in hilarious fashion by this last image.

Now that would definitely have attracted a new demographic to EVE.