The outside of the hall was impressively decorated as Dodoxie IX – Moon 20 – Federation navy Assembly Plant. I wonder what the locals make of it all.

The interior was even more impressive, with banners and giant screens to give it that sci-fi feel.

Scattered around were several montages of EVE ships flying over Rekyjavik. This was my favourite.

This was a kind of genius – the ‘EVE Mining Simulator’ was in fact the original eighties arcade game ‘Asteroids’. The graphics aren’t as good, but the gameplay is more fun.

Darth Vader considers rebuilding The Empire with Caldari technology (my iPhone case is Star Wars-themed).

The outgoing CSM (well, six of them) held a panel. It was one of the drier presentations, but I felt it was important. Good job fellas (and ladies).

This is me being interviewed by CCP StevieSG, I wish I’d held my gut in a little more – I look like a right porker, but none of you are looking at me anyway so I don’t suppose it matters. (photo stolen from CK).