You may have been playing EVE for only a few weeks or perhaps you’re a seasoned veteran, but I bet you can think of a way your game experience could be improved. The universe of New Eden is like that; inspiring and frustrating in equal measure.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could meet with the developers and tell them, “Hey, thanks for your work on X feature, wouldn’t it be great if we could also do Y.” Or ask them, “In your next expansion, what’re the chances of us seeing improvements to Z?” Or even, “In your last devblog you said you’re planning to combine Z with X and completely do away with Y. Me and the lads think that’s a terrible idea and here’s why…”

Well you can. Or at least another like-minded player can on your behalf. That is providing a player that represents your interests gets elected onto the Council of Stellar Management.

The CSM is a player-elected body that monitors forums suggestions, communicates with other players and then liaises directly with CCP developers to help steer the development of EVE Online in the best direction. The CSM is about to enter it’s 6th term, with the previous five terms having contributed with increasing effect to help introduce and improve many aspects of EVE’s design. Some examples of the CSM’s influence can been found here.

So help to shape the future of your game by finding the CSM candidate that best represents your ideals and give them your vote. The candidates and a summary of their views can be found on the EVE Online website. If you need further clarification on which candidate deserves your vote, links to their own websites can be found on the same page and a helpful vote-matching questionnaire can be found here.

EVE Online has a unique and award-winning community and the CSM is it’s voice. Make sure it’s saying something you would agree with.

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