Roll up, roll up, ladies and gentlemen. Come and see the spectacular, the unparalleled, the magnificent Monkey Polo’s Flying Circus.

I’m Monkey Polo and for one night only we will be entertaining the proud Caldari with sights never before seen in Empire space. We’ll be launching cows into space, spray-painting CONCORD battleships and cavorting naked through asteroid fields. But enough about what I do when there’s no-one else around, there’s an event to organise.

In association with Freebooted’s Extreme(ly Stupid) Missioning series, we are looking for foolhardy pilots to join in our attempts to complete increasingly difficult combat missions. In Rookie ships.

We will be starting with level one missions and pushing on through to level twos, threes and (if we don’t run out of ammo) the big, bad level fours.

We will be mustering in the Sankkasen system, a high-sec Caldari mission hub, at 2100hrs EVEtime tonight (Friday 18th March) and we’ll be congregating in the Old Pond Pub (in-game channel). An assortment of pre-fitted Rookie ships will be available.

How many Velators does it take to bring down a battleship? Come join us and find out.

Get in the ring!

Monkey Polo

P.S. After the main event, we may organise some Rookie Ship Bushkazi matches if there is a demand.

Additional Notes:

  • Rookie ships only (Ibis, Impairor, Reaper, Velator)
  • Fittings to suit, but would recommend keeping it cheap.
  • If mission completion does become impossible with only Rookie ships, we may consider an alternative defensive aggro-magnet.


  1. Main mission-runner enters in a high-speed decoy ship, obtains aggression from all hostiles then flies away at speed, praying.
  2. The Rookie Swarm enters and attempts to destroy targets as quickly as possible whilst hoping that if aggro shifts, it won’t be onto them.
  3. Everyone docks up in their pods and formulates a new plan.

Ship Loadouts:

The available pre-fitted ships will fit the following template.

High-Slots: 2x Small Turret Weapon (making optimum use of ship resources)
Mid-Slot: 1x Afterburner I
Low-Slot: Power Diagnostic System I/Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
Drone/s: Light Combat Drone

In general this will provide us with Velator high damage-dealers (up to 95 DPS), an ideal decoy in the speedy Reaper (over 1000 m/s), and supporting DPS from the Ibises and Impairors.

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