Arydanika and Hallen Turrek, fresh from their experience with the sadly discontinued ‘Lost in EVE’ podcast, have just launched their own EVE Online podcast, ‘Voices From the Void‘. They released the first episode yesterday and it’s a podcast I would highly recommend for anyone with an interest in broadening their knowledge of EVE.

The combination of Arydanika’s silken, seductive tones and Hallen’s knowledge and dry humour weaves together an entertaining and informative show with a great format. Don’t let the fact that the first episode also includes an interview with some blogger called Seismic Stan put you off. It was a privilege to be invited to take part in their debut episode and I wish them all the best for future. I predict that ‘Voices From the Void’ will go from strength to strength and I look forward to seeing the show evolve.

I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with Dani (the extended version of which can be found here), we had a very involving discussion about the storyline and roleplaying side of EVE which certainly encouraged me to give some more thought to some ideas that I’ve been considering. In the interview, we talked about my ‘blogcast’ readings which I do for the ‘EVE Commune‘ podcast (so far I’ve done an editorial piece, a fiction dramatisation, a ‘mockumentary’ and a TV show parody). We also discussed exploring storyline themes and the unexplored mysteries of New Eden. It’s these two elements that I would like to analyse further and get some feedback on.

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating the ‘EVE Commune’ skits and aim to continue doing so, however I believe that I have just scratched the tip of the iceberg with the concept. The popularity of podcasts and radio shows within the EVE community proves that it is a medium that connects with people. Additionally, the EVE community is impossible to over-estimate in terms of talent and creativity. I am interested in looking into expanding the concept of my ‘blogcasts’ to make something entertaining, but more epic and professional.

My first few attempts at these audio skits, whilst hopefully entertaining, are probably a little amateurish to the professional ear. I’m still learning my craft and having a great time doing it and I intend to keep improving. However, I am but one man with a laptop, a microphone and a love of writing. Imagine if we had a pool of talent to draw from; writers, composers, voice actors, audio editors and so on, all of whom could work together on creative projects to make high quality audio material for the enjoyment of the masses. An audio production studio if you like.

I’d be interested to know if there is any talent out there interested in taking part in a collaborative project like this. Please comment, contact me in-game or email me at if you are.

And don’t forget to go give Voices From the Void some love.