The long arm of EVE Fanfest stretches on into the year as I was invited by a journalist I met in Iceland to participate in a podcast called ‘Claims of the Normal‘.

Petter Mårtensson, who covered Fanfest 2011 for Gamereactor (view his article here) co-hosts ‘Claims of the Normal’ along with the suspiciously asteroid-sounding Arkenor and lead podcaster Breki Tomasson. The podcast is released twice a week and covers a wide range of topics from popular ‘geek’ culture. Their discussions are witty and informative, with each presenter having different gaming tastes.

In ‘Claims of the Normal’ episode 24, I had the opportunity to discuss a number of topics with them; including Sony’s ongoing woes, the impending Christian ‘Rapture’ ascendancy, why World of Warcraft is simple, the sexual preference of yetis(!) and how bad I am at EVE Online.

The show is a very entertaining listen and I can thoroughly recommend it as a regular addition to your audio itinerary, if nothing else but to remind you that there is a world outside New Eden.

In addition, their host site, The Committee for the Surrealist Investigation of Claims of the Normal, features a variety of articles on movies, television, games, science and more.

I have certainly become a fan and I hope you do too.