The EVE community is one of the strongest, most talented and most creative gaming communities in the world. As a result of the work of inspired and gifted individuals, the EVE Online player base has a wealth of online resources and entertainment to enrich their gaming experience.

Podcasts and other media are no exception. Already there are a number of informative and entertaining EVE-focused podcasts that do a fantastic job of bringing all manner of news, discussion and entertainment to the attention of the EVE fanbase.

The CCP community team recognise this and to that end CCP Fallout has recently announced she will be running an official EVE Online podcast aimed at highlighting the best podcasting moments from the community shows.

With your help, there is huge potential to expand on the EVE audio entertainment available and to provide exciting and diverse material for these existing podcasts or as stand-alone downloads.

Some of the existing podcasters have got together and formed a community initiative called EVEcast. EVEcast aims to provide a platform for all manner of creatively-minded individuals to undertake shared audio projects and explore the possibilities.

EVEcast is for everyone with ideas or skills that could contribute to or inspire all manner of EVE-flavoured audio projects. If you’re intrigued or think you’ve got something to offer, come join Angus McDecoy (the “dirty roleplayer” of Fly Reckless fame), Arydanika (the velvet-voiced co-host of Voices From the Void), Garheade (EVE Commune host and the mastermind behind the EVE Commune community) and Seismic Stan (Freebooted blogger and audio skit producer).

So if you fancy trying your hand at being a voice actor, sound editor, writer, composer, producer or foley artist, check out EVEcast. We’ve set up shop at the EVE Commune forums and we hope to see you there.

Let’s prove to the world that EVE most definitely has sound.