I am proud to announce the Freebooted audio skits made for EVE Commune are now available for individual download. Each one is a bite-sized chunk of EVE-flavoured aural entertainment and are MP3s approximately five minutes long.
I intend for these ‘audioblogs’ to continue to debut on EVE Commune and will be made available separately approximately two weeks after their first appearance.
These have been my first (mostly) solo experiments and it has been a very enjoyable creative experience so far. I hope to continue producing them for some time. I believe that I’ve just skimmed the surface of the potential for EVE-based audio entertainment and I have a feeling there may be some exciting things to look forward to in the future. There’s a lot of talent out there.
Here are the files so far:
1. Fanfest Flashback: The Cult of EVE
This is a piece of editorial journalism looking at the ‘EVE is real’ theme, discussing EVE Fanfest and the social impact of EVE Online.
2. Social Clones
This is a fiction piece based on a short blogpost I wrote last year. It focuses on two engineers working deep within the bowels of a space station trying to fix a blocked biomass processor.
3. The Mittani Uncovered
This is a mockumentary set at Fanfest 2011. If you ever wondered what the Mittani is like behind closed doors, this report may hold a few answers.
4. Tech Gear: Star in a Reasonably-Priced Frigate
A second look at The Mittani as he guests on the ‘Freebooted: Tech Gear’ holoreel show. Hosted by Russell Clarkbeard.
5. Meat Salvage
Another fiction piece based on an earlier blogpost. This one looks at how the medical facilities in low-security systems operate.
6. Technology Revolutions
Seismic Stan is in Iceland for an exclusive interview with a key CCP technology expert.
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