Whilst the EVEcast initiative slowly gains momentum over on the EVE Commune forums with a couple of audio projects in the works (Max Torps’ “The ISK Bucket” and an adaption of my “Docking Games” short fiction), the master of EVE machinima has released his latest opus and sent the creative bar into orbit.  Ian Chisholm (a.k.a. John Rourke) has finally completed the third installment of his Clear Skies machinima series and it is absolutely superb.

As I write this, I am struggling to find the words to adequately convey to you how impressive Clear Skies 3 is, both technically and as a piece of sci-fi entertainment. What Ian and his team have created is not just a niche bit of internet cleverness; it is a superbly-scripted story which is both amusing and heartfelt and has been executed with style and skill. The first Clear Skies won the Best Long Format Film award at the Machinima Filmfest 2008, but this one deserves a BAFTA.

For maximum enjoyment, I would recommend that you watch the first two episodes if you haven’t yet, both of which are excellent in their own right. Clear Skies 3 is full of clever visual gags and references to the characters’ previous adventures, so along with having a basic grasp of the EVE universe, taking the time to invest in the characters and backstory will only enhance your viewing pleasure.
Ian Chisholm and friends have created something inspirational and they have pushed the boundaries of desktop-created entertainment. This is evidenced by the fact that they drew the attention of top-class voice talent in the shape of Francis Capra, an established actor who has appeared in many popular TV shows, including Veronica Mars, Heroes, Castle and NCIS.
Ian stated in his recent interview on Massively that he has no plans to produce a fourth installment, so I would just like to offer my thanks to him for taking so much of his time to produce something of such high quality for the enjoyment of the community and wish him the best of luck in whatever he does next.
Since it’s difficult to do standing ovations in written form, is lobbying CCP to get an Ian Chisholm statue erected outside the CCP offices taking things too far?
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