Now here is an exploration site that EVE Travel‘s Professor Science is unlikely to have careened idly through. Nestled at the heart of the Vegas system in the Nevada constellation is the distinctly Gallente-themed Paris Hotel. This time next week a fleet of thirsty capsuleers will de-pod there in anticipation of EVE Vegas 2.0.

Due to the fortuitous timing of my wife’s Las Vegas dwelling friend’s wedding, I’ve been able to wangle attending. As the event draws close I am becoming increasingly excited, with just a tinge of trepidation. Armed with experience gleaned from my Fanfest 2011 experience, I have deduced the best way to blend in may be to start drinking at breakfast. I hope my liver is up to the task.

My EVE journey has been quite a ride since Fanfest back in March. Until that point I was happily commentating on the universe and community of EVE solely from the safety of this blog, maintaining a relatively distant perspective. My Fanfest experience and a subsequent post discussing The Cult of EVE triggered a significant upward shift in my involvement. Given the tone of that article, the irony is not lost on me. Now clearly an acolyte, I’ve stumbled around the wider community landscape like a drunk Columbo, leading me into podcasting and null-sec adventures. I harbour a little dread and wonder on what impact EVE Vegas might have.

Assuming I can cling to a modicum of sobriety, I do intend to provide a bit of bloggery for the benefit of those not able to attend (and those who have the good sense to stay away). Of all the speakers, the ones that I am most interested in are the presentations from CCP Navigator (Community), CCP Soundwave (Game Design) CCP Dropbear (Content) and The Mittani (CSM Chairman). But I’ll try to see and report on everything. I’m also considering putting amusingly large price labels on all my clothes in Dollars, Pounds and Aurum.

I don’t think there’s many tickets left and I believe today is the last day on which they are available for purchase online. So if you are of a spontaneous and adventurous disposition, why not join us? There’s only a few hours left to order so go here now.

Even if you don’t make it, let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to cover or to find out, give me Vegas survival tips or advice on how to navigate my way through another encounter with hordes of drunken Goons.

One way or another, next week I’ll be finding out how real EVE gets.