In times past Crazy Kinux would email a question to the EVE Blogosphere and many bloggers would share their views on a particular subject. Alas, the Blogfather is no longer performing this service and whilst Rixx Javix has adopted The Blog Pack, I don’t believe he has any plans to fire off blog banters. However, it is a great concept and I see no reason for the tradition to fall by the wayside.

So I am writing this post in the hope that I can inspire some bloggers to throw their hat into the ring on a subject that a few of us have been discussing. I hope that the following paragraph might incite a few bloggers to re-ignite the Blog Banter flame. So if you’ve got a blog, feel free to pitch in.

EVE Quick Matches

Kirith Kodachi recently discussed the idea of what a World of Tanks style quick-match element would bring to EVE Online. Would the opportunity for a quick combat interest you? How could it be implemented? Could it be done without having a negative impact on existing gameplay elements? Or does such a concept have no place in EVE?

Further Reading

The following blogs have already touched upon the subject and might give you something to chew over. Come banter with us.

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