Having been bothered by the discontent of many EVE players in recent months, I gave some thought to how I might ease their strife. One of the key issues that was causing upset was the high graphical demands of the Captain’s Quarters allegedly melting graphics cards and bringing lesser machines to a shuddering halt.

It seemed unfair to me that those with low-end machines could not enjoy the immersive intrigue and subtleties of the Captain’s Quarters and were simply forced to switch Incarna off and contemplate a dull static screen.

But no longer.

Now all EVE players can join the Incarna generation and cavort with wild abandon around their Captain’s Quarters. Ladies and gentlemen, Freebooted Entertainment Studios presents…

Incarna: The Text Adventure

It might not be as pretty, but it’s got features that the fancy-pants version hasn’t. And I’m pretty certain I’ll have that door open before CCP.