With this month’s blog banter discussing immersion, it seems like a good opportunity to mention one particular experiment in the immersive depths of EVE lore. Borne of the idea of exploring what the ordinary denizens of New Eden might think of the capsuleer warmongers and tycoons that roam the heavens, Tech4 News is a podcast with a difference. This “unlicenced broadcast” examines the lifestyles and technology of New Eden from a purely in-character perspective.

Although T4N’s target audience is primarily those who are involved in the roleplaying and storyline areas of EVE Online’s sandbox, T4N also aspires to be an entertaining listen for all EVE players and science-fiction enthusiasts. The supporting website is an in-character GALNET site, so despite receiving great comments, we’ve not published them there in order to preserve the immersion. I thought I’d reproduce them here instead;

“Very awesome listen, enjoyed it very much. Sounds very believable and interesting. I’ll be sure to tune in for the next broadcast. Keep it coming.”

– Crest Washere

“Thank you for this entertaining podcast. I already made a subscription on iTunes. Love to hear more… “


“Beautiful work. I live in wormholes, and you really captured the enigma, especially in the last part. Who said that EVE players don’t like RP?”

– Sylera Alithe

“Fan Tastic. Nice work all. Jesus, I bet that took some planning. With that dodgy bunch of accents the timezone alignment must been … interesting.… where’s that damn Tardis when you need it?”

– Meyiza Heer

We’ve had some positive comments on iTunes too;

“I really love the idea of having a fictional podcast based in the EVE universe. The production quality is high and it is awesome that they are all familiar voices from popular EVE podcasts. Great job guys.”

– Kebowlin

“Nice to see a look into the universe behind the game of EVE Online, from the perspective of those who ‘live’ there!”

– Samantha Pearson

“Great podcast about the stories of New Eden. Worth a listen by old and new pod pilots alike.”

– Smokiehopper

Thanks for all for the supportive comments so far, it’s nice to know we’ve at least partially hit the mark and there is an audience out there for this kind of thing. We’re reasonably happy with our first attempt and Episode two is in the works.

We have learned some lessons from the pilot episode, so we hope to go on to produce something a little tighter and more polished as well as being more accessible to the casual listener. We have a few additional cameo roles to fill, so I’ll be looking for a couple of voices from those foolish enough to have previously offered help.

As Tech4’s anchor Paydas Adavaar might say, “Keep your eyes to the skies.”

Check out the Tech4 News website or download the trailers and episodes from iTunes.