Do you have the chops to write some fictitious journalism set in the EVE universe? Can you imagine what the working conditions on a gas extractor are like? Can you picture the chaos of how the average capsuleer’s hangar would really work? Then maybe you’d like to come help on the Tech4 project. Read on.

Seed Planted

The Tech4 project was set up in Summer 2011 after a chance meeting between CCP Dropbear, myself and Casiella Truza/Kyle/Iurnan Mileghere (of the currently inactive Ecliptic Rift blog) whilst attending EVE Vegas.

The main purpose of Tech4 was to provide an entertaining and accessible introduction to the main themes of EVE lore (particularly Dropbear’s Arek’Jaalan Project) and to provide a doorway into the roleplaying side of EVE Online for both the casual EVE player and general sci-fi enthusiasts.

So the idea of a group of lowly non-capsuleers attempting to report on the machinations of their far more powerful capsuleer “overlords” was born. After all, New Eden is populated by trillions of normal citizens and they need news too.

The non-capsuleer approach gave us licence to approach old EVE lore afresh, to be a bit sensationalist, to get things wrong and be “Chicken Little” about these warmongering demigods. It was light tabloid journalism for baseliners and a fun accessible content for non-roleplayers and even non EVE-players.

The focus was to be an in-character podcast with immersive content and high production values. So with three of the best voices in the EVE podcasting on board, Angus McDecoy (Fly Reckless), Arydanika (Voices From the Void) and Erin Anwynn (NotalotofNews Newshour), after I wrote the first script the ball started rolling and things have been going from strength to strength.

Tech4 and You

This discussion on EVE roleplaying forum Backstage made it clear there is a demand for RP journalism supporting and entertaining the roleplaying community. There is an opportunity to expand on the content of the website beyond the occasional fluff story as we’ve been doing thus far.

Kirith Kodachi (Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah blogger, EVE Tribune Editor) has already volunteered to help us in an editorial role and we’ll be looking for any and all creative sci-fi journalism that fits the Tech4 brand.

This could be anything from the amusingly irrelevant (eg. a review of the latest Planetary Vehicle, an expose of imitation Quafe manufacture at a deadspace complex) to more player or game-driven pieces (faction warfare politics, a capsuleer interview, a tech focus on hybrid weapon systems).

Ultimately, the purpose is to entertain and inform.

If you’d like to contribute, please contact me at or Kirith Kodachi at