EVE Online’s “New Player Experience” is a hot topic now more than ever, and CCP’s newly formed Player Experience team have been assigned to the case. One of the things that may bewilder a new arrival is the sheer depth and volume of the backstory to the already disorienting universe of New Eden.

The freshly reworked EVElopedia is a fantastic repository for all canonical EVE lore, but with over 13,000 pages of information it’s difficult to know where to start.

That is no longer a problem, >>Start here<<, with Mark726’s EVE Lore Survival Guide. In just twelve pages of concise and witty explanation, Mark delivers everything the budding capsuleer needs to know about the harsh universe they are about to enter, from politics to lunatics to gadgets.

CCP Approved

Here’s what the CCP developers had to say about Mark726’s EVE Lore Survival Guide:

“We strongly recommend those interested in the lore and fiction of New Eden to read an excellent EVE Lore Guide by Mark726.”

CCP Spitfire, Community Manager.

“Awesome job.”

CCP Abraxus, content guru and author of The Burning Life.

“I finally read the intro. http://bit.ly/zdL24d @freebooted, I am speechless :)”

CCP Manifest, Social Media and Marketing man
  (Okay, so this one was about my foreword, which can apparently render its readers mute. Whether through quality or awfulness, you decide.)

The “Content-Seeker” in All of Us

Encouragingly, providing proof that there is a widespread appreciation for the content and lore of New Eden beyond the “hardcore roleplayers”, the general EVE player community have also embraced Mark’s guide.

“I just spent the better part of my morning plowing through the Lore posts; you have officially outdone yourself… and this is from a guy who really never delves in any of the RP of Eve beyond ‘RAWR I’m a space ninja!'”

Aiden Mourn, Ninja Salvager and Professional Scoundrel

“Really concise, covers everything you need to know to get started with the lore of Eve Online. Highly recommended. …My inner RP nerd is struggling to burst out.”

Marc Scaurus, Blogger, Podcaster and Tusker.

“Mark’s guide is a must-read for anyone looking for an easy-access overview to the universe of EVE, and a great reference for those looking to start roleplaying to boot.”

Morwenn Lagann, RPing stalwart and Lorehound

“It is short and to the point. It fills you in on the back story of Eve without boring you to tears. And it is brilliantly done.”

Harrigan Vonstudly, PvPer, blogger and sufferer of ADHD and Twitter Tourette Syndrome*.

“Anyone with even a passing interest in the Eve Universe backstory, check it out!”

Kuan Yida, blogger, Faction Warfare player.

“Great work … as always. Wish I’d been able to read it when I was a noob!”

Rhavas, explorer and Interstellar Privateer.

“The finest resume of all the lore of New Eden.”


“Good job! Inspirational work.”


“Dude, you’re interfering with my hauling!”


“Been a great read, really enjoyed it.”


“Your lore guide is good, I enjoyed reading it.”


“On tech lore I’d say its very well written 🙂 not too technobabbling just enough to get the idea and moves on. i like :)”


“Your stories on Lore are awesome!! Great job. Lots of fun reading them!”


Embrace Your Sci-Fi Side

So whether you want to know why the Caldari and the Gallente don’t get along, or how capsuleer technology works, or even if you just want an introduction to a fantastically realised sci-fi universe, start with Mark726’s EVE Lore Survival Guide.

Don’t undock without it.

Download the PDF with illustrationswithout or the ePub version.

*probably not a real medical condition.