With the multitude of website and smartphone apps available to enhance the EVE Online experience, the EVE player is blessed with more tech support than the Apollo moon missions. There are a number of talented and dedicated individuals who continue to pour their resources into providing quality EVE services to make our lives in New Eden easier and more fulfilling. Wouldn’t it be great if we could show our appreciation of their genius and hard work?

The fellas at Guild Launch think so too.

Now I might be a little biased, but I’m quite fond of Guild Launch competitions and Mike, their Community Manager, has approached me with the opportunity to celebrate our community scions in their EVE Online Top Site Contest. With your help, both you and your favourite fansite operator could win some “phat lewtz“.

I’d love to see the EVE Online community nominating and voting for the likes of Marc Scaurus’ heroic save of the EVE-Bloggers service, Marcel Devereux’ superb Aura Android app, Wollari’s enduringly invaluable DOTLAN evemaps, the host of services provided by the legendary Chribba and the many, many other excellent sites out there. Surely there are deserved community shoutouts for the services provided by the likes of EVE-Central, Lost in EVE, Mintchip’s Videos, Voices from the Void, EVE News 24 and more.

So raise the flag for your favourite and champion their cause.

Warning: Elven Jedi Ninja Looters

Looking at the Current Standings table at the time of writing, some random non-EVE sites have skulked in there, peddling their EQ/SW:TOR/Rift/WoW filth in an attempt to make off with the EVE Online-sponsored competition prizes.

Don’t let this happen! Let’s get some of our greatest community contributors in there and win them some stuff. You might come out of it with some tasty loot too.

So get onto your favourite fansite operator, third-party developer or podcaster and get them to register their site so we can vote for them. Then we can all head over to the Guild Launch EVE Online Top Site Contest to show support for our community heroes.

Please don’t let the wookie-worriers and fairy-fiddlers win.

EVE Sites in the Running

Follow one of the links below to vote for the website of your choice and show your support. You can vote once per day.

Guild Launch EVE Online Top Site Contest Further Resources 

For further enquiries, contact Mike Bilter, Guild Launch Community Manager at mike[dot]bilter[at]guildlaunch[dot]com.