Hot off the press, the latest issue of the high-quality glossy EON magazine is now available in dead tree and digital formats. The must-read EVE Online quarterly has the inside scoop on everything from the latest machievellian plans brewing in CCP’s think tank to The Mittani’s hat size (insert ego joke here).

Issue 28 is especially important for you to purchase, own and cherish for a number of reasons. But mostly because the dark and twitching mind of Lead Designer Kristopher “CCP Soundwave” Touborg was squeezed for tasty drops of creative mind juice and a hint of future things. The resultant cover article written by this humble blogger contains information about the seeds of ideas which could fundamentally affect the development path of EVE forever. As well as his explanation for recent and ongoing design decisions and plans for the immediate future, the tantalisingly exciting long-game concepts make this issue a must-read experience.

If that wasn’t enough, this issue also marks the end of an era, as Kirith Kodachi – Blog Pack founding father and community institution – steps down from his role as regular author of the EON Testflight series. That alone will double the value of this particular issue in years to come. Lord Moose Beaver gives an explanation for this decision at his blog; Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, which thankfully will continue, along with his Broadcasts from the Ninveah podcast. I reckon we should start a collection to buy him a long-service medal. And maybe a pipe and some slippers.

There is much more spaceship-flavoured goodness within EON #28’s pages, as can be seen from this official list of highlights:

EON Issue #028

Deep in the bowels of CCP’s experimental gameplay lab, the future of mining is being discussed – and EVE’s official magazine has been granted security clearance to join the conversation. Their final report forms the basis of this issue, looking at EVE’s oldest profession, taking in the history of Hulkageddon and profiles of some of New Eden’s biggest industrial corps.

Also in EON #028:

  • CSM7 Testflight – five members chose their favourite ships
  • Two great new Chronicles – Flesh and The Soulless Pilgrim
  • Guide to Stealth Bombing
  • Guide to Slay
  • How to find the Corp that’s right for you
  • The new War Dec and Allies system
  • The Skyward Sphere story – how a Rifter took you into space
  • The future of the EVE API
  • The Rifter comes under the Hero Warship spotlight
  • Profiles of RPS Holdings, Enlightened Industries and Taggart Transdimensional
  • CSM7 reports on good early-season progress
  • Interviews with CCP Veritas and CCP Loki

…and lots, lots more

Also, EON is a proud supporter of the campaign to return the frill to the shorn Vagabond model, as evidenced by the Rixx Javix designed advert which adorns its pages.

So why are you still here? go buy the magazine (paper or pixel). Then go support the return of the frill.