With any luck, in just a few hours, a host of pilots will assemble in Jita with the purpose of general shenanigans in support of the Thukk You, Frill Me cause.

Check out My Loot, Your Tears for details of the suicide gank raffle at 1800 EVE time.


When: July 15 1900 EVE time

Where: Jita Memorial – then on into low-/null-sec. Fleet will thenRV with flashy reds.

How:  Ingame Channel – ThukkYouFrillMe

  • Pre-march Fleet Comms – via EVE Voice/ThukkYouFrillMe Channel
  • On commencement of Protest Fleet – see RvB thread for Mangala Mumble details.
  • If you can, come in a Stabber-based hull (and a cheap clone).

General good-natured chaos will be the order of the day, with various attempts at co-ordinating conga lines, memorial shoots and suicide protests before rendezvousing with the passing RvB Ganked fleet. The RvB Fleet will then lead the charge out into null where those with an issue with the Vagabond manufacturers Thukker Mix can formally lodge their protest. After that, survivors are welcome to continue on with the RvB Ganked fleet, whereever they may be heading after.


Ostensibly because of the “circumcision” of the Vagabond. The removal of the “frills” has send folk like Rixx Javix, Swearte Widfarend and others into an apoplectic rage, causing them to generate forum threads, blogposts and even videos. If you feel as they do, then this event is definitely for you.

Personally, I just love the passion of the EVE community and see this event is a positive way of celebrating that, showing that the players have a voice and that we can make a point with some humour. Last year there were serious issues inflaming player passion, this time it’s just a matter of taste. Whether you think the Vagabond frill is important or not isn’t the driving reason you should join us – it’s because sometimes internet spaceships doesn’t have to be serious business.

Come along. Die laughing.

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Priest Kristoph · 16/07/2012 at 12:40

Came along; died laughing! Good time had by most!

🙂 Thanks, Stan!

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