The Blog Banter tradition has been in place since 2008 under the paternal care of the Blogfather, Crazy Kinux. Initially this was a way to unite the nascent and fragmented EVE blogging community, which has since exploded into the cacophony of opinion, creativity and trolling that we have the privilege of enjoying today. 

With so much bloggery now afoot, it is easy for one voice to be lost amongst the many. So now more than ever, Blog Banters can serve the community by providing focused inter-community discussion. Its purpose is to promote cross-pollenation of readership, to encourage the collision of the many colourful opinions from across communities and to ensure that everyone with an opinion (and a blog) has the chance to be read.

EVE Bloggers are representatives of an EVE community beyond the blogosphere, so in encouraging this exchange, Blog Banters work well as a barometer to measure the activity and attitude of sections of EVE’s vast society with which a reader might otherwise have no contact.

Blog Banters Need You!

It has been observed by a number of people recently (most recently on the Podside podcast), that I’ve fallen a little behind on the Blog Banter reviews. This is something for which I apologise, but my time and resources are limited. The general consensus is that the reviews serve a useful purpose of bringing a given banter period to an end, whilst providing a useful overview of every contribution for those without the time to read each entry in full. This review system allows readers to home in on those blogs which interest them the most.

So it seems the community would very much like the reviews to continue. To that end it is my hope that members of the blogging community might help out. It would be fantastic if we could have a Guest Reviewer each month. This would have the following benefits:

  • The reviewer would host the review on their own blog and have editorial control.
  • The blogging community would love you for it.
  • The community-centric principles of the Blog Banters is further supported.
  • It would stop my brain from melting on a monthly basis.

The review should fulfil the following criteria:

  • The review should present impartial coverage of all views presented in Blog Banter entries.*
  • Each contributing banter should be linked.

*There is, of course, nothing stopping the reviewer from also participating in the banter with a separate entry.

Previous examples of blog banter summaries can be seen here (my personal favourite was the one in the style of fake Crucible patch notes).

To test the water and see if  there is interest in this rolling community reviewer role, it would be perfect if we could address the unsummarised banter backlog. Banters outstanding and still for review are as follows:

BB35: The Public Perception of EVE Online
BB36: The Expansion of EVE

If you are interested in reviewing a particular Banter, please contact me via Twitter Direct Message (@Freebooted) or email (seismic[dot]stan[at]

The banterers and I would be very grateful if you did.


manasi · 05/07/2012 at 14:12

God love ya man for what you keep doing. I keep reading and remembering! Not much gaming these days but if EvE ever puts more ships in I will be back. I wish you and yours nothing but the best! Take care for now.

Manasi " the Mule"

Seismic Stan · 06/07/2012 at 12:26

The Mule still rides. 🙂

Nice to hear from you mate. Hope you're well and glad to hear you're still reading if not playing.

They did introduce 4 new glass-cannon battlecruisers in the Winter "Crucible" expansion, which has certainly mixed things up a bit. Also, they look very sexy. They've also finished upgrading all the ship textures too, so everything looks better, as well as introducing new models for the rookie ships and rebalancing lots of under-used ship types to make them more effective in combat.

Much has changed my friend. Perhaps you should pop back and see, maybe share your thoughts. I'd certainly read it.

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