The Alliance Tournament is EVE Online’s World Cup/Superbowl/Olympic Games. It is an explosive e-Sports event which showcases the best of EVE Online’s group PvP – each match is a brief, brutal space combat that is the culmination of months of planning, executed by human cunning and quick wits. Slickly presented by well-known CCP developers and commentated by prominent and knowledgeable players, this tenth Alliance Tournament is the jewel in EVE Online’s entertainment crown.

Over the last three weekends, avid space combat fans have been watching the progress of their favourite teams as the initial 64 qualifying alliances battled to get to the group stage. Now, on the last weekend with the final matches in each group to be played today and only 16 places available in the final knock-out stage tomorrow, we are only hours away from finding out who is the tenth Aliiance Tournament champion.

Whether you’re a neutral or you want to back your favourite alliance, make sure you watch the action from 1500 EVE Time (1600 UK time) Saturday and Sunday on the feed below or at CCP Games’ own3D channel.

For superb analysis of the tournament so far and much more, I highly recommend checking out Eve Opportunist (he really helps banish the “WTF-is-going-on” syndrome).

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