The EVE Community Blog Banters exist to encourage cross-blog conversation and the sharing of traffic amongst blogging sites. The Banters are also a great way to marshal the resources of the eclectic EVE blogging community for broader projects, such as the currently active Community Review of EVE Online for BB42.

It’s been great to rack up another successful and vibrant year for Blog Banters, in which we’ve seen them evolve and improve with the end-of-Banter reviews, which are now entirely written by the most magnificent of community members. Additionally, Banters have enjoyed a healthy relationship with CCP, with devs often suggesting the topics and occasionally even contributing to the conversation. EON Magazine has also recognised the significance of Blog Banters as a community voice.

Respecting the Roots

However, it is important to remember the underlying purpose of the Banters. Whilst I find curating the initiative very rewarding, it is not mine to direct. I never lose sight of the fact that Blog Banters belong to the blogging community, I just do the admin and try to prioritise community-sourced themes and focus on topics which are relevant.

Since their inception in 2008, Blog Banters have always been a way of keeping the grassroots blogging community connected and they are intended to be inclusive and community driven. They are for you, the blogger, so you should have your say.

Your Voice

As such, it’s important that the blogging community guide the initiative. So as we look forward to the sixth year of bantering and bloggification, I’m hoping all you contributors; past, present and future, might let me know how you would like to see the Blog Banter initiative proceed. What works and what doesn’t? What makes you inclined to get involved? What puts you off? How do we keep things fresh and evolving?

I’m happy for banters to plod along as they already do, but this is your Banter and any suggestions which would improve your experience are very welcome, so please have your say in the comments below.

[Whilst I’ve got you, BB41 needs summarising and BB42: Community Review of EVE Online is still wide open and hankering for more reviewers. Don’t be shy.]

Thanks in advance for your input.

Your friendly Blog Banter custodian, Seismic Stan