As mentioned in my previous post, I’m looking at providing coverage of EVE events and news for a new site called Game Skinny. As an experiment I provide some (admittedly incomplete) coverage of the New Eden Open during the alpha phase of the site.

I’d greatly appreciate your feedback and input.

 Here’s an index of all my New Eden Open coverage:

Introduction material


  • Matches 1-4 reports and video
    • Raiden 58th Squadron vs. Last Huzzah
    • Why Dash vs. RONIN and pixies
    • Expendables vs. the HUNS
    • Tinkerhell & Alts vs Tengu Terror
  • Matches 5-8 reports and video
    • Oxygen Isonopes vs. Africa‘s Finest
    • Something Else vs. The Exiled Gaming
    • Perihelion Beryllium Duralumin vs. Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters
    • ISN – Incursion Shiny Network vs. Baaaramu


Subsequent Coverage