Following the release of the 113 page monster that is the minutes of the CSM 7 summit that took place in December, there will no doubt be broad discussion across the community as folk pick through the segments relevant to their interests.

Although I may well do the same for the elements that interest me, I was mostly interested in the general direction and development culture that CCP would be adopting following their recent Crucible/Inferno/Retribution cycle which, for all its impressive iteration and refinement, left me cold. I felt that CCP had drifted from what I consider to be the heart of EVE Online; the majestic yet bleak science fiction universe which envelopes the game mechanics.

In more recent months, CCP have certainly been paying lip service to these tropes, however I wanted to find evidence that they were prepared to do more than just rely on a few dedicated devs to spend their own time running live events whilst expecting players to do all the heavy lifting.

Having reviewed the opening session which saw Executive Producer Jon ‘CCP Unifex’ Lander and Senior Producer (product development) Andie ‘CCP Seagull’ Nordgren discussing high-level strategy with the CSM, there is certainly evidence that they see value in the intellectual property of New Eden, which is encouraging.

I explored this discussion in more detail over on GameSkinny in my three-part series examining the omens for the future of EVE Online (click title for the full article).

Part 1: The Ten Year Legacy

Aimed at those who may be unfamiliar with EVE Online’s recent history, this is an explanation of the relationship between CCP and its customers and a brief overview of the highs and lows of the development path that brings us up to date.

Part 2: The Devil is in the Details…

Key information delivered by development playmakers CCP Unifex and CCP Seagull indicating their thoughts and strategies for the coming months and years.

Part 3: Making Players Content

What part the CSM (and players in general) will continue to play in the future of EVE Online and how the strategy will play out in the immediate future. Indicators of what to expect over the coming year.

As I said, this is not a deep dive, it was simply a testing of the water for those who want to get a feel for CCP’s direction without wading through the Summit document. I hope it might serve as an overview for the interested wider non-EVE audience at GameSkinny.

I might even maintain a link list here, if my archiving OCD kicks in again.