Way back in November,  Blog Banter 41: Director’s Cut squeezed the creative juices of the EVE Bloggeratti for ideas on how to tell the story of EVE Online to a new audience. This gave us many diverse and colourful approaches to giving internet spaceships the Hollywood (or in some cases, reality TV) treatment.

Once all 16 submissions were in the can, all that remained was to find a suitably erudite and knowledge EVE-ophile to cast his eye over each synopsis. We needed someone with depth of knowledge, a taste for fiction and an eye for flare. Step forward one of the very first Lords of the Blog, the Canadian Capsuleer, Lord Moose Beaver himself, Kirith “I’ll summarise this one cos there’s less entries than usual” Kodachi. 😉

The crafty Canuck took time out from stalking other bloggers in space to approach this final review of the Banter with the eyes of a movie reviewer and scheduler.

Look no further to discover the potential sci-fi blockbusters and sleeper hits of 2013 than Kirith’s…

Cheers for your efforts Kirith and with that, Blog Banter 41 is finally a wrap.