In today’s instalment of the Tech 4 Flashback series, we inject a little sex and drugs into proceedings.

The idea behind the clandestine network of Tech 4 News reporters was that ‘baseliners’ (ordinary non-capsuleer folk) had become suspicious of official coverage of capsuleer activity and so were dedicated to giving more exposure to how the actions of these starship demigods impacted on New Eden’s ordinary working mortals.

But that didn’t stop the occasional story from putting tongue firmly in cheek. Vesper Naskingar, who usually specialised in Angel Cartel coverage (a clue as to the blogging author’s real identity), was inspired by a forum post from infamous Intergalactic Summit regular Muck Raker, resulting in this report:

Cryllisium Demand Spikes After ‘Empress Love Slave’ Confession
by Vesper Naskingar

Empress Jamyl Sarum I and an ‘advisor’.

Since the publication of a confession made by a woman who claimed herself to be a “love slave of Empress Jamyl I”, demand for the hallucinogenic aphrodisiac Cryllisium has spiked.

Serpentis Corporation, the premier biochemistry company, have dubbed this the new ‘liquid morphite’ due to the high prices clients are willing to pay for the still relatively rare substance.

Serpentis Corporation are the currently only confirmed source to possess the blueprints for production, yet there is no evidence if or if not they are the only producers right now. Their press representative was very vague about the details, but did confirm the drug has been around a good while in the underground circuit, mainly in the sex industry.

He also let slip that while previously clientele had mainly been centered in the Cartel and Serpentis home regions, as well as the Federation, the biggest demand spike has come from the Amarr Empire. He did not wish to go into further detail, but the most likely explanation is that if the Empress does it, so can the more liberal Amarrian. The Caldari State and Minmatar Republic have also seen a rise in demand, yet far less spectacular. It was theorized they could simply be slower in catching on.

An unarmed(!) Serpentis Vigilant lurks in Amarr high security space.

Further research has shown that there are no traces of capsuleer production or blueprint (copy) possession, likely because the drug does not classify as a ‘combat booster’ and would surely have reverse effects on one’s performance. The usage for recreational purposes however is something we have received several anonymous confirmations of, yet all sources were unwilling to reveal their supplier.

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