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Tech 4 Undercover – Trafficking In Dodixie

This weeks undercover report highlights the dreadful trade in human trafficking, and we’re not talking about slaves in the Amarrian Empire. We’re talking in the heart of the Gallente Federation – Dodixie.

Whilst the system of Dodixie is well known for its trade-hub status, there is more going on there than the sale of legitimate goods and a thriving economy driven by the capsuleers. Our investigation has highlighted a worrying trade in trafficked people throughout the system.

A tip led us to a small bar on Deck 23 of the Federal Navy Assembly Plant station in Dodixie, one of the top four busiest stations in the galaxy. Our reporter posed as a bar owner from a mining outpost in a distant null security system and made some enquiries where he could purchase some girls from to attract more customers. We were offered a selection of girls depending what our needs were. The contact, Vian, was quite forthcoming in what he could provide.

The Federal Navy Assembly Plant in the Dodixie System

“Well it all depends on what you want and what you want to spend. For a handful of credits we can supply you with some Minmatar refugee girls. You get what you pay for, so these we recommend keeping in a darkened back room and send the guys to them once they handed over their cash first. If they have good eyes they might not pay afterwards. For 20,000 credits upwards we’ve got decent dancing girls that your customers can watch and then take to your back-room. Again mostly Minmatar, but a few Gallente and some wayward Caldari. If you looking to spend 50,000 upwards then we’ve got some fine Gallente women. However, you need to keep them secure and out of the public eye, oh, and make sure the customers aren’t bleeding hearts either who may turn against you following a good sob-story. These are more likely to run and go to the authorities than the cheaper ones. If you’re looking to spend ISK rather than local credits, then we can do you something special.”

This was all offered within 20 minutes of making contact. The dealer went onto explain how the cheaper girls can be kept in line with fear and intimidation. Many of them were fleeing their former lives for a variety of reasons and simple threats to send them back can keep them from causing trouble. However, the implication was that all the girls are being forced against their will. Some having no choice, others being blackmailed or threatened. When we said we were not looking to spend local credits and had Interstellar Credits (ISK) the story became even more menacing.

“If you have the ISK then you just need to find the women you want anywhere on station. Take a discreet holopic of them in a crowded area and we’ll track them down. We can usually deliver within a week. Obviously they will not be keen on the new life you have planned for them. Leverage will cost you more, but we can supply two methods. A distance-detonated explosive, surgically implanted into them is cheapest. Just have a transmitter in your bar and let them know the range. They rarely wander far, but be careful. Loose lips can turn one of your customers against you. It can also leave a little scar. For best results we recommend Vitoc which we can supply. Just let them know your store is flushable and if the security services raid your bar it’ll all be destroyed. When they know they’ll not be able to get anymore in time, they’ll be as loyal as a slaverhound puppy to you. These are the best two ways for the price. I’ve heard that some of my competition are advertising that they have adapted Sansha style nanites to control a girl’s will, but that’s a crock. Don’t waste your money.”

At this point our reporter arranged a further meeting where he would provide the holo’s and deliver the ISK down-payment as well as collecting a case of Vitoc. The secret recording of the meeting and a pre-copy of this report was handed to the Federal Navy Security Services before that meeting was due to take place.

The Federal Navy Security Services made the following statement the day following the scheduled meeting.

“Thanks to some excellent investigative journalism by Tech 4 News, the Federal Navy Security Service has arrested three Gallente and two Caldari citizens on charges of human trafficking, false imprisonment, blackmail and false accounting charges. In addition we have recovered 20 litres of Vitoc and related dispensary equipment. Finally a total of 18 women from all four Empires were rescued and are receiving medical attention and support from the corporation. The Federal Navy Security Services would like to point out this is an isolated incident and that law and order on this station is of the highest levels.”

Whilst Federal Navy Security Services are to be commended in the swift action against this trafficking ring, their claim that this is an isolated incident is viewed as highly unlikely in academic circles. We spoke to Professor Chan of the University of Caille School who is the senior professor of criminal studies at the Egghelende V Moon 13 station.

“The truth is that there is money to be made with trafficking humans, a lot of money. And when you have a lot of money then blind eyes are turned, doors are left unlocked and obvious things are not seen. From seedy cantinas in null sec mining outposts to the high-class bars on the capsuleer decks in stations in high-security home-systems, people can make a lot of money from this. For them [Federal Navy Security Services] to say that your investigation revealed an isolated incident is like saying an Amarrian Holder with slaves is an isolated incident! My research has shown there is a shocking amount of trade in humans being undertaken throughout Empire space. This is especially true in the large trade hubs such as Dodixie, Rens and Jita where the amount of shipping helps cover their tracks.”

Whatever the truth, Tech 4 News will continue in exposing this vile trade wherever we find it.

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