It’s hard to keep track of all the EVE blogging that goes on out on the interwebs and there’s plenty still out there despite the rise of popular aggregate sites like EVENews24, and Crossing Zebras. But it’s hard to keep track of the scattered individual blogs even though I occasionally stumble across new and interesting writers and posts. It makes me I wonder how many I’m missing.

Sometimes I remember to add them to my ‘recommended reading’ list over in the sidebar of this blog, but in truth, much of my casual reading material is sourced from Twitter. I follow so many tweeters, writers, sites and individuals of interest, EVE blog links tend to get lost in the noise.

I don’t know how common this behaviour is amongst my fellow bloggers, but I reckon in this age of social media, a shared EVE blog-specific hashtag might be useful, so I’ve fielded a suggestion to the general #tweetfleet Twitter community that we could use #EVEblogs on any tweets linking to a new blogpost.
How do my fellow #EVEonline bloggers in #tweetfleet feel about adopting an #EVEblogs hashtag for ease of reference to linked blogposts?
— Mat Westhorpe (@Freebooted) September 23, 2014

So far, several bloggers have already agreed to participate, so this could be a good thing.

I appreciate that it’s still not a perfect solution and will require new bloggers to discover it, but #tweetfleet does pretty well as a general EVE community and chatter hashtag. Perhaps #EVEblogs might provide a kind of library resource if it’s adopted widely enough.

Of course, there’ll still be some noise – once it’s out in the public domain there’s little that can be done about that – but with any luck #EVEblogs might become a self-maintaining repository of fresh EVE reading material which nobody needs to curate or police and which we can all dip into.

I’ll certainly be appending #EVEblogs to any tweeted posts I publish in the future and I hope you might consider it too.