This blog is the collected online ruminations and pontifications of Mathew James Westhorpe on an assortment of topics, written while wearing various hats including parent, gamer and healthcare professional.

I originally began blogging in 2009 as a computer games enthusiast on my Freebooted blog. The success of that blog brought opportunity and gave me my first taste of published and online writing, as well as the rewarding experience of being involved with a documentary production and a number of podcasts. Throughout, my fondness of science fiction and fantasy genres was apparent.

My growing enthusiasm for writing was encouraged toward more serious topics and in 2012 I began a healthcare-focused blog, Broken Paramedic. I found this to be a more emotive, draining journey, but also one which gave me opportunity to write for national newspapers and make several appearances on television and radio in support of the cause of healthcare and the emergency services.

The healthcare political rabbit hole threatened to become an all-consuming crusade. Playing at writer, broadcaster and activist eventually had to take a back seat to other, more pressing needs. However, my enjoyment of writing remained and has gone unsatiated for too long.

This blog is a fresh platform for me – and perhaps others – to scratch the writing itch, share thoughts, howl at the internet, and so forth. It’s currently a journey with no clear destination, but I hope you’ll join me for at least some of the ride. It should be interesting.

Thanks for reading,

Mat W.