Mittens and the Echo Chamber of Goon

In my last Guild Launch Exploring EVE Online column, The Metagame Rabbit Hole, I discussed the complex communications and entertainment infrastructure that supports CCP Pokethulhu’s “Nation of EVE”. As with any society, EVE Online‘s intertwined communities are linked together by a broad spectrum of interaction, most notably the player-driven news media. Read more…

By Mat Westhorpe, ago

Freebooters CEO Duel

Greenbeard, the egocentric narcissist that founded Greenbeard’s Freebooters, has returned to the spacelanes of New Eden after several months of apparent cabbage-worrying. The first thing he did was challenge yours truly for the CEOship of our corporation. So the gauntlet has been cast down and picked up. We’ve agreed to Read more…


Blog Elitism?

So there’s to be a shake-up in the upper echelons of the EVE blogosphere. Interesting. CrazyKinux, the blogger behind the organisation and selection of the original Blog Pack, is looking to revitalise the format by removing inactive bloggers and allowing the community to nominate replacements. Initially, I was led to Read more…